Among Us gets a surprise release on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's latest Indie World Showcase just wrapped up and it ended with quite the whopper of an announcement: Among Us is coming to Nintendo Switch. Though Among Us originally released on PC and smartphones back in 2018, it didn't catch on until earlier this year when a number of popular streamers started broadcasting the game. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people at home, the accessible party game skyrocketed in popularity.

Now, after enjoying a huge year, the game is making its way to Nintendo Switch. When it is releasing? That's the other part of the surprise, as it's going live on the eShop today. In fact, the game is available to purchase right this second, so developer Innersloth definitely didn't waste any time in between announcing the Switch version and launching it.

In any case, the game will cost $5.00 on Nintendo Switch, just like it does on PC (it's free on mobile devices). The eShop listing says it'll support 4-10 players, just as the other versions do, but those are all the details contained in the short and sweet eShop listing.

Even better is the fact that Innsersloth has confirmed the Switch version supports crossplay with the PC and mobile versions of the game. In addition, the Switch version supports local multiplayer as well, so you don't necessarily need to be connected to the internet to play a match with friends (though we imagine that you need multiple Switches).

With this surprise release on Switch, fans will undoubtedly start asking if versions for Xbox and PlayStation are in the works. Given the insane popularity of Among Us, one has to imagine that Innersloth is at least considering porting it over to other consoles. We'll let you know if the studio announces anything further, but for now, you can check out the link above to pick it up on the Nintendo Switch.