Among Us finds its way to Twitter to tease new map

You'd think that a game as popular as Among Us would have some kind of Twitter presence, but up until very recently, that wasn't true. In fact, a dedicated account for Among Us didn't appear until this week, and developer Innersloth is getting things rolling with a bang by making that account's very first tweet a teaser for the game's next map.

We've known that a new Among Us map is in the works for a while now, as Innersloth has been teasing it in periodic Steam announcements, but this is our first real look at that map. The teaser image doesn't give a whole lot away, but it does show two crewmates standing in what appears to be the bridge of a new ship, captain's chair and all.

Of course, this single image doesn't give us a good idea of the overall size of the new map, but it won't be long before we learn more about it. In a follow-up tweet, Innersloth tells us to tune into The Game Awards on December 10th for more about this new map. Just yesterday, The Game Awards revealed its long list of nominees, and Among Us is up for a couple of awards itself (despite the fact that the game actually launched in 2018).

The newfound and sudden popularity of Among Us has prompted Innersloth to change direction a bit. While the company was originally planning to release a sequel to Among Us, that has now been cancelled, and the content that was planned for Among Us 2 will be rolling into the original game instead.

In addition to teasing this new map, Innersloth has also put together a roadmap of upcoming features. Key among these new features is an account system that will make it easier to block and report troublesome players. That will be arriving in December, so with more details about this map coming at The Game Awards next month as well, it looks like Among Us is going to close out 2020 strong.