Amnesia: Rebirth announced and it's going to be horrific

Even if you're not a horror game fan, you've probably heard of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In the time since it was released, the game has become a favorite of streamers, YouTubers, or just folks looking to be scared, and now after almost a decade, it's going to get a sequel. Today, Frictional Games announced Amnesia: Rebirth for PlayStation 4 and PC.Amnesia: Rebirth was revealed today on the PlayStation Blog, with Frictional creative director Thomas Grip saying that the game will feature a "new protagonist, a new setting, a new story." So, it sounds like Rebirth won't have a whole lot in common with the first game, at least from a lore perspective, but Grip does say that it will build on what Frictional learned in making the first Amnesia game.

"That doesn't mean that we're just doing more of the same — in horror, repetition is a deadly sin," Grip added. "You need to keep players on their toes at all times. We've had to twist expectations, refine old features, and up the ante on everything you've seen from us." He went on to assure prospective players that Rebirth won't just be "a carnival attraction of jumpscares," promising an "emotionally harrowing journey" instead.

Grip is certainly building Rebirth up as something that could redefine horror games, and given the success of the first Amnesia title, his team at Frictional seems capable of delivering on that. Other details are still pretty slim, but Frictional did share a one-minute long announcement trailer today, which you can see embedded above.

For now, there's no release date for Amnesia: Rebirth, but a Steam store listing for the game is already live. We'll let you know when Frictional reveals more about Amnesia: Rebirth, so stay tuned for that.