Amiigo fitness bracelet recognizes the exercise you’re doing

Shane McGlaun - Jan 25, 2013
Amiigo fitness bracelet recognizes the exercise you’re doing

There are several fitness bracelets on the market that help you track your activity via a smartphone app. These devices typically involve sensors on your arm or placed in a shoe. The Amiigo is a fitness bracelet that works in conjunction with an app on the iPhone or Android devices.

This bracelet offers more functionality than some of the products on the market with the ability to track specific exercises, reps, sets, heart rate, calories burned, and more. The bracelet also has gesture recognition technology that allows it to detect what exercise you’re performing and how your body is responding. The bracelet knows if you are using an elliptical machine, running, swimming, or doing squats.

The device can identify and track over 100 different activities and correlate activities with information about your body such as heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood. The bracelet is constructed of plastic elastomers and stainless steel. The electronics are waterproof and accessories are available to customize the color.

The bracelet communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The sensor can also be worn on your shoe if you don’t like things on your wrists. The bracelet is micro-adjustable allowing for a comfortable fit no matter what size your wrist is. The Amiigo is on Indiegogo right now and a pledge of $99 will get you one of the devices when they ship this June. The project was seeking $90,000 and has raised $196,443 with 35 days to go.

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