American-made Mac will be part of an existing product line says Cook

Most technology companies build their products overseas, particularly in China. Apple for instance uses Foxconn to produce the bulk of its popular products such as the iPhone and the iPad. However, more and more components for some Apple products are being produced in the United States.

Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that Apple would be assembling a Mac computer in the United States once again. Cook didn't offer a lot of detail on that comment, despite the fact that a flurry of questions were tossed his way when he made the announcement. People want to know where exactly the machine will be constructed, but Cook declined any further details.

All we know at this point is that a Mac computer will be built in the United States and according to Cook, it will be a new iteration of an existing product. That could mean anything from a refreshed MacBook to a new version of the Mac Pro or Mac mini.

Reports indicate that whatever Mac computer is built in the United States won't just be a collection of parts shipped from overseas. Many of the components used in the assembly of the new Mac will themselves be made in the United States. Some of the components sourced from the US will come from Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, and Texas.

Some of the processors Apple uses in products such as the iPhone are already built in the US. Apple made a significant investment into a Samsung chip manufacturing plant in Texas where processors for the iPhone are produced. It's nice to see Apple bringing even more of its construction back to the US, though you have to wonder if this will mean any increase in prices.

SOURCE: Engadget