American Airlines announces free TikTok access in-flight

American Airlines has announced it is now the only commercial air travel company to offer all customers free access to TikTok. The airline points out that TikTok is more than dance videos for passengers to watch while on a flight with all manner of content, including travel inspiration videos, details on locations to explore at their destination, and travel tips. Passengers traveling on any narrowbody aircraft fitted with Viasat equipment can access TikTok without purchasing in-flight Wi-Fi.

American Airlines says this promotional offering begins on August 2, 2021. American says that its faster Wi-Fi allows it to offer passengers diverse in-flight entertainment options and to invest in partnerships with platforms like TikTok. To use the service while on a compatible aircraft, users must enable airplane mode and connect to the AA-Inflight Wi-Fi network.

Once users connect to that network, they are redirected to, the Wi-Fi portal for in-flight Internet connectivity. Once at that portal, users can click on the TikTok ad for free access to the platform. Anyone on a flight long enough to get sufficiently bored with their book and any in-flight entertainment offerings who haven't used TikTok before can download the app at no cost.

Once users log into TikTok, they can search for favorite topics and hashtags, among other content. Free access to TikTok is in addition to free access to other services previously offered, including Facebook Messenger and Messenger Kids. American also reminds passengers that all in-flight entertainment is free, including access to a library of more than 600 movies and TV shows and educational tools, including content from Rosetta Stone and Skillshare.

Being able to choose from a library of movies and TV shows is much better than having to simply endure whatever the airline decided you were going to watch during your flight. American says it worked with its Employee Business Resource Groups consisting of 20 groups made up of more than 26,000 company employees from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to highlight movies celebrating diversity for its in-flight entertainment.