AMD Triple-Core Processors To Hit Retail In February 08

Remember those triple-core processors I told you about a while back? Well basically they were the quad-core processors that had only one damaged core and they were more or less repurposed as triple-core processors.

As it turns out, AMD is going to go ahead and put them on the market, although I don't know if the plan is still to use the damaged quad-cores or not, but their code name is Toliman, and there are two different models that will be released. On top of that, there are two dual core processors codenamed Kuma that will be released later next year.

The triple-core processors will be numbered the 7700 and the 7600 featuring 2.5 and 2.3 gigahertz clock speeds respectively with a TDP of 89W. No word on price, but when I last wrote about them, they were to be inserted somewhere between the mid to high end dual core offerings of AMD.

AMD triple-core CPUs to launch in February 2008 [via TGDaily]