AMD to support three new DirectX 10.1 games

Emily Price - Aug 27, 2008
AMD to support three new DirectX 10.1 games

AMD has announced support for three new games. The graphics cards will be used in EA Phenomic Studio’s game Battleforge, Sega’s Stormrise, and NHN Games’ Cloud 9. All three of the games will be using DirectX 10.1. The games that are expected to use the cards and Direct 10.1 together range from strategy games, to a sci-fi title.

Computers need to be using Windows Vista in order to take full advantage of DirectX 10.1, but DirectX is compliant with AMD’s 3000 and 4800 series cards. According to the companies public statement “Only AMD graphics offer top-to-bottom DirectX 10.1 support”.

This Ping Pong Demonstration can give you a good look at what sorts of new features you can expect from the new games. The demo “shows off a new lighting technique known as real-time global illumination, together with a scalable physics simulation optimized for multi-core systems.” Check it out here.

[via IGN]

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