AMD Spider platform - maximizing your computing potential by creating a complete platform

So today, AMD released the worlds first comprehensive PC building platform, it involves a specific chipset, processor, and graphics solution, all three of which come from AMD. The platform has been given the codename of Spider.

The platform is based on the upcoming Quad-Core Phenom processors from AMD, as well as AMD's 7 series chipset. Then to round out the set they included the new ATI Radeon 3800 series graphics cards.

All three components have been designed specially to streamline and work best with each other. So sure, you'll be able to use the components on their own in whatever system you build, but if AMD has taken the effort to customize the three so they work best together, you might as well take advantage of that, especially since it should be a fairly average price system and offer up the best performance per watt and per dollar that you'll be able to get once the remaining parts of the platform are released.

AMD's first comprehensive PC platform [via eblasts]