AMD shows off Cinema 2.0

Emily Price - Aug 13, 2008, 8:22 am CDT
AMD shows off Cinema 2.0

AMD showed off AMD Cinema 2.0 yesterday in New York. The technology will allow for much more realistic environments and characters in video games in the future.

In addition to being used in gaming, AMD hopes Cinema 2.0 will also be used in Hollywood studios to create animated characters.

3-D animations are created by new hardware that uses rapid high-definition photography to capture a subject from all angles, and to create the most realistic representation of that person or object possible.

Developers from Crytek, Splash Damage, Remedy, Rebellion, and Blizzard were all mentioned as partners of AMD at the demo. No word of when, or if we could see the technology used in actual games on store shelves.

[via Joystik]

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