AMD predicts 11% drop in revenue for Q2 2012

Another day, another financial result. This time it's AMD's turn, although the company is only offering up preliminary numbers until the actual results go out on July 19th. Things aren't looking so good for the chip maker, with AMD predicting an 11% drop in revenue from last quarter. The company had previously thought that revenue would increase by 3%, but has had to adjust its expectations.

AMD is blaming the drop in revenue on "conditions that materialized late in the second quarter", which include a slowdown in sales throughout Europe and China as well as less consumer demand. We imagine that Intel's recent introduction of Ivy Bridge across desktops and laptops didn't help either. Still, it's not all bad news. AMD believes that other estimates are still on target, such as a decrease in operating expenses by 8% thanks to stricter expenditure for Q2.

If you're desperate to know the precise numbers, you'll have to wait until July 19th. AMD will also hand out information regarding expected third quarter results. Intel's Q2 earnings, meanwhile, will be revealed on July 17th.