AMD offers beta OpenGL driver for 3D internet

Shane McGlaun - Jul 26, 2010
AMD offers beta OpenGL driver for 3D internet

AMD has announced that it has a new beta driver available for download. The new driver is ATI Catalyst 10.7 beta for OpenGL ES 2.0. The beta driver supports the new WebGL industry standard for plug-in free 3D graphics in the web.

The new driver is designed to allow developers to make new 3D content that can be rendered quickly on a consumer PC. The driver also allows software developers to use the AMD GPUs inside desktop PCs and workstations rather than embedded systems when developing on OpenGL ES 2.0 for smartphones and other devices.

AMD reports that WebGL will be available later this year across many browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The driver can be downloaded now at this link.

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