AMD future roadmap surfaces with processors for ultrabook-style machines

AMD is always the bridesmaid and never the bride in the computer industry with about 20% of the global CPU market while Intel sucks up almost all of what is left. AMD is looking for ways to get back to the top of the heap and take some of Intel's market share. One of the ways it looks like AMD is hoping to do that is with processors that are for ultrabook-style products. Some details on the future roadmap for these chips and others have now surfaced.

The key bit of detail that has surfaced in the roadmap is that in 2012 AMD will launch the Deccan platform and in 2013 the Kerala platform will launch. The Deccan platform is expected to hit next June and will include the Krishna and Wichita APUs. These parts will then upgrade in 2013 to Kerala and Kabini APUs. These parts are supposed to have upgrades to them make a significant improvement in power consumption so that AMD can compete with the low power Intel offerings in Ultrabooks today.

The roadmap also shows that AMD has a new part coming for the notebook market in 2012 AMD will be launching the Comal platform with Trinity-based APUs and then in 2013 the Kaveri-based APUs will launch. In Q2 2012, the Brazos T platform for tablets will launch. The Brazos T platform will include the Hondo APU and then in 2013 the Samara platform for tablets will bow in.

[via DigiTimes]