AMD Fusion CPU/GPU combo to fight Intel in notebooks

We have been hearing talk from both AMD and Intel for a while now about CPUs that have integrated GPUs allowing a notebook to get graphics and processing power from one device rather than needing a separate CPU and GPU. AMD has revealed its Llano processor and the chipmaker is calling the device an application processor unit or APU rather than the CPU or GPU monikers we are used to in the computer world.

The APU will feature a DirectX 11 compatible GPU with a quartet of out-of-order CPU cores shoehorned into a 32nm processor die. AMD is withholding the full details on the GPU side of the new Llano processor and is focusing on the CPU end of the design.

The CPU uses a 32nm SOI high-K process and has new power gating and dynamic power optimization capabilities. Each of the four cores inside the CPU has 35 million transistors and 1MB of L2 cache. The CPU will operate at less than 3GHz and AMD is aiming for power consumption in the 2.5W to 25W range. According to AMD, Llano APUs will be shipping in the second half of the year and be offered by OEMs in 2011.