AMD Fusion-Based Quad-Core A8-3530MX for notebooks on the Way

Thats the word on the streets over on Turkish site DONANIMHABER, they who claim to have laid their hands on a bucket of info that puts an AMD Fusion-based Quad-Core A8 3530MX for notebooks on what they've got pegged as a code-named "Sabine" chip. This whole system is set to be out "soon," the fastest of the set being a lovely 1.9GHz A8-3530MX with 4MB of Level 2 cache. Sound excellent to you? Beware of their warnings of not-so-quick, fella.

WAIT before we continue, you might want to check out SlashGear 101: What is AMD Fusion? for all the info you may need to put all these numbers in order.

A rather important note at the end of the source material we've going off of here states that everything we're talking about here won't be out until the last half of 2011 or early 2012 at earliest, so keep your shorts on. That said, let's continue. This quad-core processor is said to be based on a 32 nanometer chip architecture, and will have the ability to work at 2.6GHz in TurboCore mode. This set also has an integrated Radeon HD 6620G graphics core, getting 400 shaders and supporting DirectX 11 at 444MHz.

This fabulously detail-laden report goes on to say that support will be had for dual-channel RAM up to 1,600MHz DDR3 standard memory as well as with the lower-powered DDR3L. Next the A-Series graphics processors will have 128-bit memory busses while the A-Series processors themselves have dual-GPU support. Support goes so far as to work with an AMD Radeon HD 6600 external GPU – fancy!

All of these setups are compatible with Blu-ray 3D standard too, just incase you want to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

[via Electronista]