AMD "Desna" Chips For Tablets? Roadmap Leaked

Early last month we talked about AMD possibly heading into the tablet market, with announcements brewing up as Computex 2011 approaches. Well, it looks to be the case now that a massive multi-page company roadmap for AMD has been leaked. Currently, the company has its C-30 and C-50 chips aimed at the notebooks market that includes an iterated AMD Radeon graphics core capable of handling 3D graphics acceleration and 1080p video playback.

Building on top of this for their tablet chip offering should yield some pretty awesome results. According to the roadmap, their new chipset will be a Fusion Z-Series codenamed "Desna." These chips will support DirectX 11 graphics, Adobe Flash Player video acceleration, and smooth HD video streaming. They will also support hardware graphics acceleration for Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Office 10, and Windows 7 visual effects.

The specs suggest that AMD is targeting future Microsoft tablets. But to truly compete with the next-generation Intel Atom Oak Trail chips or ARM-based processors, the Desna will need to have low power consumption for longer battery life in combination with high power and performance.

[via Android Community]