AMD Bulldozer Engineering Sample CPU details slip

Anytime a new platform with processors and mainboards are in the works you can bet that there are engineering samples of the parts floating around well in advance of the CPU actually hitting stores. For instance, AMD ships out a bunch of the sample processors for all sorts of reasons. Some of them go to reviewers so they can write about the products on launch day, some go to partners that want to start working on system configurations before the parts launch, and some land other places.

One of the platforms that AMD is current working on is dubbed Bulldozer. A few pics of a Bulldozer processor engineering sample that is in the wild have surfaced. As you can see, the markings on the CPU have been covered to keep some aspects of the CPU secret. Some details have surfaced though. The model number is FX-8130P on CPU-Z and FX-3214 in HWiNFO32.

We can tell a few specs from the screens too, the part is a 32nm processor with 8-cores and has the Zambezi codename. The clock speed is 3GHz and it has an 8MB L3 cache and support up to DDR3-1866 memory. The processor was also overclocked by the leaker to a blazing 4.36GHz and passed Super-Pi at that frequency meaning it's fairly stable. The leaker OBRovsky also showed off the boards that will support the processor. This sounds like a very nice processor.

[via Expreview]