AMD announces Opteron 6000 series servers are shipping from IBM

AMD has announced that there are several partners that are now shipping new 4P servers using the new Opteron 6000 series processors. IBM has joined the other firms already offering 4P Opteron 6000-based servers.

IBM's server is the x3755 M3 and is aimed at enterprise use along with HPC and SMB applications. The addition of IBM servers brings the total servers using the Opteron 6000 processor line to 45 on the market today. Other companies already offering servers using the 600 series include Acer, Dell, and HP.

Acer and HP are both offering rack and blade servers. Dell is only offering rack mount server. IBM is at this point only offering a 4P system whereas the other firms are also pushing 2P servers with 6000 series processors inside. AMD has also stated that Cray will be using the 6000 processors in the XE6 super computer. The XE6 is the first supercomputer from Cray to use multiple-cabinets.