AMD adds new parts to A-series notebook APU range

AMD has been working to update many of its CPU and APU lines to bring them up to par with Intel counterparts. One of the lines of new products that AMD has updated recently is the A-Series notebook line of APUs. The chip firm has added seven new parts to the A-Series and all of the new parts have similar tweaks compared to the existing parts.

The new processors include the A8-3520M, A8-3550MX, A6-3430MX, A4-330MX, A4-3320M and A4-3305M. All of the processors with the exception of the A4-330MX, A4-3320M and A4-3305M units are 100MHz faster on their base frequency and on the Turbo Core frequency.

Other not so good changes include the A4-3305M losing 1MB of cache and keeping the same operating frequency as the A4-3300M that it is replacing. The 3305M does have a GPU with a higher clock speed than the 3300M GPU at 593MHz compared to the 444MHz of the older part. That new part sounds like a downgrade to me.

[via Hardcore-Hardware]