AMC supports A. Zombie for president

Some of my favorite TV shows are on AMC and if DirecTV was to drop the network, I'd be looking for a new TV provider. I'm sure there a lot of people on Dish Network that are still angry that Dish dropped AMC leaving them unable to watch The Walking Dead and other shows AMC offers. AMC is still trying to get Dish to pick its network back up allowing customers to watch the programming they want.

AMC has decided on a strange, yet somewhat humorous, advertising campaign that ties in with the networks insanely popular zombie themed TV show The Walking Dead and the 2012 presidential race. AMC has announced that it supporting A. Zombie for president. The zombie candidate will announce his candidacy at a rally on Monday, August 20 at Westfield Horton Plaza in San Diego.

AMC's A. Zombie candidate is married to human wife named Patty Morgan-Zombie, and the duo will be on a cross-country bus tour taking them to six major cities in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to bring the pro-zombie message to Republican and Democratic conventions. The real goal is to rally support to force Dish Network to bring AMC back to the satellite service.

The campaign trail will take A. Zombie to San Diego on August 20, Dallas on August 24, Tampa for the Republican convention on August 28, Atlanta on September 1, Charlotte for the Democratic convention September 3 and 4, and New York City on September 5. The new season of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 14. The Walking Dead is the most-watched basic cable scripted drama series among Dish subscribers according to Nielsen. I wonder if A. Zombie is any relation to Rob.