AMC reveals when it will air the first season of Shudder's Creepshow

Cable network AMC will soon air the first season of streaming service Shudder's Creepshow horror series. We first heard about these plans back in late February, but the network didn't state at the time when it planned to air the series. That changed with an official announcement from AMC on April 14. The TV broadcast will come just ahead of the show's second season on Shudder.

Shudder is a horror and suspense video streaming service from AMC Networks; it is priced at $4.75/month for a 12-month commitment or $5.99/month for those who only want to pay for one month at a time. The service is available on a number of popular platforms, including Roku, Fire TV, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

The service offers a mix of third-party content like the popular Halloween movie, as well as exclusives and original series, one of which is Creepshow. As its name suggests, Creepshow is a reboot of the original series from the 1980s from director George Romero based on stories from Stephen King.

The reboot premiered on Shudder in 2019; it currently has only a first season, which has proven popular with horror fans. The season is comprised of a total of six episodes, each an installment in the anthology series that tells 12 stories. Topics include the dead, supernatural, werewolves, and even goblins.

If you don't subscribe to the streaming service but you do have a pay-TV subscription, you can watch the first season on AMC starting on May 4, according to the network. Two episodes will air starting at 9PM ET every Monday through May 18, the company said on Tuesday; each episode is one-hour in length.