Ambient Devices MarketMaven puts stocks in the palm of your hand

Much as Ambient Devices' stock tracking Orb adds a pleasingly Mathmos-style glow to your home office, it could never be described as overflowing with information.  Which is a shame, really, because if you're going to tap into the Ambient Infocast Network (which boasts coverage across the US) then you may as well gobble up as much data from it as possible.  That's why, for the fact-hungry, they're launching the MarketMaven: a 3-inch square portable screen-cum-fridge-magnet that gives updates on Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 stock movements.


Sadly it's not instantaneous, so any serious brokers probably will want to look elsewhere unless they can cope with a 15 minute refresh rate, but for anybody curious about their portfolio in general it might be a handy addition to your pocket.  It works with the three major markets out of the box, while you can also set up custom feeds via the web interface. 

The MarketMaven is available now for around $124.99 with no ongoing subscription fee.

Product Page [Ambient Devices]