Ambarella iOne SoC makes better photos and more for Android phones

One of the things that most folks use their smartphones for no matter what device they use is photos and video. I would bet the vast majority of smartphone users on all brands would want better photo capability. A company called Ambarella has announced a new camera application processor called the iOne SoC that is for Android devices.

The iOne is a triple-core SoC that has a pair of ARM cores that operate at 1GHz and a third ARM-11 core that runs at 533MHz specifically for handling real-time camera tasks and allows the camera to boot in under a second. The SoC allows the Android camera to support multi-stream encoding capability and live video streaming. The chip allows users to upload clips to YouTube and supports HD telepresence apps.

The SoC will also allow the camera to shoot still photos and record HD video at the same time with up to 32MP still image processing and capturing at 5MP at 30 frames per second. The SoC also has high ISO for low light capability. The dual stream encoding allows the SoC to encode a 1080p30 stream and a stream of lower resolution for uploading or streaming on WiFi at the same time. iOne also supports WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, mobile TV and has image stabilization.

Via Android Community