Amazon's weird Alexa sticky note printer will start shipping this summer

If you were one of the people who pledged to buy the Smart Sticky Note Printer introduced as one of Amazon's Day 1 Edition concepts, good news: the device will start shipping later this summer. As expected, the tiny portable printer can be used to print out reminders on-demand using Alexa voice commands, as well as puzzles, recipes, and similar things.

Amazon Day 1 Edition products are essentially unique concepts that may one day become something you can purchase, assuming there's enough interest. Earlier this year, Amazon introduced its Smart Sticky Note Printer concept, a small device that resembles a label maker or receipt printer — but that can be used with your smart speaker to organize your life.

Users can, for example, tell Alexa to print a note about an upcoming event or task, then retrieve it from the printer and stick it wherever they're likely to see it. For those times you're bored, the printer can also produce a small puzzle to keep you entertained, as well as reminders, to-do lists, shopping lists, and similar things.

The Alexa printer proved popular and received enough order pledges to head into production. You can no longer order the device, but those who did buy one can expect the shipping to start at some point between July and September, according to Amazon.

It's unclear whether Amazon plans to make the printer available to order as a regular Alexa product. Though the printer was a success, not all concepts reach their goals. Examples of recent failed Day 1 Edition products include the Smart Cuckoo Clock, which looks like a minimalist wall clock with Alexa support, as well as the Alexa-powered Smart Nutrition Scale.