Amazon's tipped original sci-fi shows include Ringworld and Snow Crash

Amazon has some big plans for original content, and sources say it includes three big science fiction series: Ringworld, Snow Crash, and Lazarus. These are all based on the novels/comic book by the same name, and in one case will include co-production with MGM. Though Amazon still hasn't reached Netflix's level of original production, it now has dozens of original shows in various states of production.

The information about these three planned shows comes from sources speaking to Variety. According to that report, these three tipped shows will represent a very big investment on Amazon's part, one perhaps made in hopes of striking it rich with a huge hit to rival something like Game of Thrones.

Amazon already has a bunch of projects in the pipeline, such as the Lore series that it is heavily advertising right now, plus things like Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Jack Ryan and more. Overall, the company has plans for, is working on, or has finished producing nearly two dozen movies and 67 original television shows.

It isn't clear whether the Ringworld or Lazarus shows will be episodic series or movies, but the sources did say that Snow Crash will be a one-hour sci-fi drama, indicating it won't be an on-going series. The projects are far enough along, at least according to the report, that Amazon has writers and producers for at least two of the shows.

SOURCE: Variety