Amazon's invading the internet provider market with its Eero tech

Eero today announced a new initiative that will see it take its business in a surprising direction. The Amazon-owned company has revealed Eero for Service Providers, which is described as a "premium hardware and software offering" that's aimed at helping internet service providers bolster their WiFi services. So, it might not be long before your ISP is shipping you an Eero-made mesh router with their own branding on it.

In its announcement today, Eero says that there are three key components of Eero for Service Providers. The first is called "Eero Insight," which is an extension of the Eero's Remote Network Management tools. Eero Insight offers up a pretty wide ride of analytics and IT tools, ranging from historical speed tests and bandwidth usage to outage detections, audit logs, and RF diagnostics.

The company says that these tools can result in "an estimated 30 percent reduction in time spent resolving WiFi issues," and that the insights could, in some cases, even help diagnose problems before they get worse. The second component of this service offering is Eero Secure, which is a subscription that more or less covers the stuff you'd expect it to – parental controls, privacy features, virus protection from malware and spyware, and even ad blocking.

Then, of course, we have the hardware, with Eero using the opportunity to promote its 6 Series WiFi Mesh routers. These systems were revealed last month featuring WiFi 6 support and a built-in Zigbee Home Hub, and Eero says it will provide ISPs with a co-branded Eero app that will let users self-install the system and manage it on their own.

So, it might not be long before we see a number of ISPs out there offering packages that include one or all of the components of Eero for Service Providers. Eero says that the new service will be available beginning in November in the US and Canada, with more features to follow in December and throughout 2021. Pricing wasn't announced, but Eero is likely looking to handle that on a business-to-business basis.