Amazon WorkMail released to work with Outlook

Amazon Web Services have revealed their newest plan for working with email and calendaring in the business world: Amazon WorkMail. If it wasn't clear from the name, Amazon WorkMail is made for enterprise users, aiming at the workplace with Microsoft Active Directory compatibility. This isn't an app – to be clear – it's a "managed business email and calendaring service" made to work WITH apps like Microsoft Outlook or native iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone applications. Amazon WorkMail is being pushed with a 30-day trial run for up to 25 users to get businesses in as soon as possible.

Amazon makes clear that just so long as they're using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, they'll be able to sync mailboxes with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone devices. This service also works with Microsoft Outlook on both OS X and Windows desktop machines.

All WorkMail data is automatically encrypted using AWS Key Management Service. Users can also control data locality by choosing their AWS region.

Business owners will not have to manage hardware or software as Amazon suggests that Amazon WorkMail automatically handles all patches, back-ups, and upgrades. This service also works with Microsoft Active Directory, allowing users to log in with their existing email credentials.

Eventually businesses will be dishing out $4 per user per month. This cost includes 50GB of storage per user. Amazon is also bringing a tie-in with Amazon WorkDocs, offering both services together for $6 per user per month, this price bringing on 200GB of Amazon WorkDocs storage for each user.

VIA: Amazon AWS