Amazon Trade-In Program now accepting old iPhones, iPods, iPads and more

Amazon has recently expanded their Trade-In program to accept electronics in addition to video games, DVDs, and textbooks. This is great news if you've been itching to buy a new tablet but have an old iPad you need to part with first. As long as it's still working, you can now trade it in for Amazon gift card credits.

The Amazon Electronics Trade-In Store is still in beta and accepts all kinds of electronics including tablets, phones, MP3 players, cameras, and GPS devices. The devices must be in working order and should be in decent cosmetic condition. Once you've made your trade-in submission online, you have seven days to postmark the product for mailing in. The products are actually sold to a third-party merchant, and not to Amazon.

The gift card credits that are offered in exchange are quite generous. A 4GB iPhone can net you up to $69 in trade-in value, an iPod classic gets up to $114, a first-gen 16GB WiFi iPad is up to $235, and a 8GB iPhone 3GS is up to $162. But not only that, if they find the condition to be better than what you stated, the higher amount will be automatically credited to you. Are you rummaging through your drawers already?

[via TUAW]