Amazon & TiVo in movie download harmony

Those Gizmodo boys – just when the weather is beginning to turn and get sunny, instead of playing outside with their friends they're inside downloading films from Amazon Unbox direct to their TiVo.  Shame on you!  Anyway, they've been good enough to write up the experience for us; basically NetFlix over your broadband, only with some tedious limitations


The most exciting thing sounds like the new blue light that pops up on your TiVo when it's downloading.  The recordings start to transfer within fifteen minutes of buying them online, but you have to wait for the whole thing to finish dribbling through your internet pipe before you can start watching.  They'll automatically delete themselves after thirty days, or 24-hours after you start watching, which is rubbish too.

Price-wise a rental is – at $4 a shot – more than NetFlix or any of the other postal DVD services, and they'll give you the full HD experience rather than the standard-def downloads.  Gizmodo are generous and say that it shows promise; now hopefully they'll go out and play on the swings.

Hands-On: Amazon Unbox on TiVo [Gizmodo]