Amazon rumored to be building private cloud service for CIA

Amazon powers a variety of websites on the internet, including several popular services like Netflix and Instagram. However, it looks like Amazon is digging deeper into partnerships, as it's rumored that the e-tailer giant and the Central Intelligence Agency have made a deal for Amazon to provide cloud services to the government organization.According to FCW, Amazon won a cloud-computing contract with the CIA that's worth up to $600 million over a 10-year period. According to the report, the new cloud service will help the CIA "keep up with emerging technologies like big data in a cost-effective manner not possible under the CIA's previous cloud efforts."

However, it's not exactly clear what the CIA has planned for the new cloud system, but it seems that the CIA is mostly focused on becoming more efficient with newer technologies, and it seems like the new service will work just like most other cloud service, except it'll be on heavy lockdown by the CIA, allowing only authorized users to access confidential files from any device.

While there's no concrete confirmations on the deal between the two organizations, it wouldn't be too surprising if the CIA ended up moving into the 21st century with a better cloud storage implementation, especially with Amazon behind the wheel. Neither Amazon or the CIA were willing to comment on the situation.

[via Gizmodo]