Amazon reveals a new way to send gifts via email or mobile

Amazon has revealed a new way for friends and family to send a gift to someone without needing their delivery address. Amazon Prime members now have a new way to instantly send gifts to friends and family using their mobile device. The only information the gift giver needs for the receiver is their email address or phone number.

The gift sender can browse all of the available products via the Amazon Shopping app, find the gift they want to send, and add it to their cart. Once added to the cart, senders can choose the "Add a gift receipt for easy returns" option and proceed to checkout. With the gift receipt option chosen, Prime members will get a new option that says, "Let the recipient provide their address."

The sender will only need to enter the recipient's email or phone number. The sender won't be given the address where the receiver wants the gift shipped. The gift recipient will get a message by email or text depending on the information entered by the sender, allowing them to accept the gift. The delivery address will be entered from the receiver's Amazon account.

We've all received gifts that weren't items we wanted or would use and had to go through the process of trying to exchange them. Amazon is trying to make that process easy, allowing the recipient to exchange the item for an Amazon gift card. If the receiver chooses to exchange the gift, the sender is not notified.

Amazon says the gift feature is available for all Prime members in the US when shopping from their mobile device. That means you won't get this new delivery option when shopping using a browser. The new feature is rolling out beginning October 4.