Amazon reportedly acquires Evi voice-control app to take on Siri

It's been rumored for quite a while that Amazon would be manufacturing their own smartphone, especially considering that they have their own tablets. While still have yet to see anything official come out from that front, we've been treated with a report saying that the e-tailer giant has acquired Evi, which is a Siri-like voice control app.

According to TechCrunch, anonymous sources are claiming that Amazon purchased Evi for $26 million. Furthermore, it's said that all of Evi's directors have been replaced by Amazon's UK legal representatives, and the company's records show that all directors have been replaced and all loans have been paid off.

Evi has been a bit of a controversial product in the past. It was pulled from the iTunes App Store for being too similar to Siri, but was later let back in. Evi works similar to Siri, where it uses a natural language search engine to find answers for questions that are asked by users. However, Evi can learn from your questioning habits and produce better answers in the future.

Back in January, Amazon acquired text-to-speech company IVONA, but that seemed to be mostly meant for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet lineup. However, it's a feature that we could also see in an Amazon smartphone as well. With the acquisition of Evi, Amazon may be looking to take on Apple directly, but we'll ultimately have to wait and see what happens.

[via TechCrunch]