Amazon Prime offers Showtime, Starz subscriptions without cable or satellite

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Amazon has just announced a new Streaming Partners Program that allows Prime users to add subscriptions to premium video services like Showtime and Starz to their existing account. Not only does this allow customers to completely bypass the need for cable or satellite packages, but they can even manage their video service subscriptions and payments through their Amazon Prime account.

Even better is that Prime members can subscribe at discount prices, with Showtime, for example, costing $8.99 per month, down from its usual $11. Amazon also says that Prime member can get a free trial of all the video services available, and each one's shows are available to watch at the same time they appear on broadcast TV.

Amazon notes that the Streaming Partners Program will be getting more video services in the future. While Showtime and Starz are easily the two biggest available now, others include Lifetime Movie Club, DramaFever Instant, Tribeca Short List, Dove Channel, Docurama, IndieFlix Shorts, Qello, ScreenJunkies Plus, and Ring TV Boxing.

While these video services will be available to watch from Amazon's own Kindle Fire and Fire TV devices, the same goes for iOS, Android, and Roku platforms. And for the case of Chromecast and Apple TV, Prime members can just use their Amazon login in the stand-alone apps for each service on those devices.