Amazon Prime members now get free loot for popular mobile games

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 21, 2019, 11:00am CDT
Amazon Prime members now get free loot for popular mobile games

Amazon Prime members are getting free in-game items for mobile games as part of their subscription, the company has announced. The new perks will kick off for popular battle royale game PUBG, specifically the mobile version of the game. Assuming you have a Prime membership, you can download one of the mobile game items now with several more to follow. Other games will be added to the perks list soon.

The Amazon Prime mobile game content perk has arrived with PUBG Mobile, offering Prime members the following items:

– Infiltrator Mask
– Infiltrator Jacket with Gloves
– Infiltrator Shoes
– Infiltrator Pants
– Blood Oath – Kar98K
– Black Magma Parachute

Only the Infiltrator Mask is available at this time; the rest of the items are listed as ‘coming soon,’ though Amazon doesn’t list a date on the items. Players can claim these loot drops by heading to destination using an Android or iOS mobile device.

According to TechCrunch, which received confirmation from Amazon, these loot perks for Prime members will arrive for other games in the future, including ones from Wargaming Mobile, EA, Netmarble, and Moonton. Specific game titles weren’t provided — Amazon just said that the perks will be available for ‘popular mobile games.’

Though this new program offers free perks specifically for mobile titles, gamers on console and desktop can enjoy some gaming-related perks through Twitch Prime, which includes the ability to gift items to others, access to exclusive emoticons, new chat color options, Prime chat badges, free access to certain games and loot, plus channel perks through a channel subscription.

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