Amazon Prime Instant Video & Warner Bros. bring new shows to Prime in UK

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Amazon has announced that it has signed a new content agreement with Warner Bros. International Television that will span multiple years. The deal will see fans of streaming programming in the UK get access to some cool new shows. The deal will bring five TV series to Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK.

Prime Instant video is launching in the UK on February 26 when it and LOVEFiLM are combining. Prime viewers will get on demand streaming of popular TV shows Arrow, The Following, Hostages, Revolution, and The 100.

The shows will be offered on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK after they finish their linear runs on UK broadcast TV. That means none of the episodes will turn up until the season is over. Hostages and The 100 won't land on Prime in the UK until 2015; the other shows will come this year.

Some of those shows are already streaming on Netflix in the US. The deal with Amazon isn't exclusive. This is good news for Prime subscribers and those are some popular shows. Fans of comic books in particular will like Arrow. The first season of Arrow and Revolution will be offered in their entirety when the programs land.

SOURCE: Amazon