Amazon Pay may soon be available in gas stations and restaurants

Amazon hopes to get physical stores, such as gas stations, to start accepting Amazon Pay, according to a new report. Amazon Pay enables the company's users to pay for goods and services from other companies using their Amazon account. The payment option is already supported by some online merchants, but sources claim Amazon is looking to expand it into brick-and-mortar stores.

Sources speaking to WSJ claim Amazon is currently talking with some retail stores about accepting Amazon Pay, expanding its digital wallet beyond its online home. Amazon is reportedly targeting restaurants, gas stations, and similar merchants initially — all places that aren't direct competitors to its existing business.

The allegedly targeted non-competitive merchants are said to have been selected because they're less likely to resist Amazon's request. How the process would work, assuming a brick-and-mortar shop begins accepting Amazon Pay, is unclear.

The report suggests Amazon users may scan a code on their phone or complete the checkout using a mobile app, but the final process isn't clear. This would be an alternative to traditional payment methods, as well as newer ones like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

The report claims Amazon is particularly interested in offering Amazon Pay in Asia, where digital wallets are popularly used. The sources also claim Amazon is keen on deploying its digital wallet in the United States, hoping to get consumers to adopt its option while competitors are still rarely used by consumers.

Assuming the report is accurate, Amazon is reportedly willing to offer merchants lower payment processing fees than competitors, among other things, in hope of luring in customers. Specific stores allegedly targeted by the company weren't disclosed.