Amazon original series Absentia won't be getting a fourth season

If you've been eagerly awaiting details about the anticipated fourth season of Absentia, the show's lead star has some bad news: it has decided that season three, which was released last year, will mark the series finale. The news was confirmed by series star and executive producer Stanac Katic on social media late last week.Abstentia was one of Amazon's bigger television hits; it's a thriller that revolves around the character FBI Special Agent Emily Byrne who disappears and is declared dead. Fast-forward six years and the agent is found alive in a cabin, but without any memories of how she got there and where she had been all those years.

The show's first season debuted in 2017, followed by a long absence before the second season dropped in 2019 and the third season in the summer of 2020. With that release schedule, fans were anticipating that a fourth season may be announced for release sometime this summer, but it seems three seasons is all we'll get.

Stanic, who played Byrne, confirmed that the show will not get a fourth season on social media, where she said, "Three seasons was the perfect amount of space for a beautiful, complicated and wonderfully fulfilling journey." Based on her posts, it appears that the creators behind the show played a big role in deciding whether it would continue on or end with the third season.

"And although we've danced with the idea of continuing the tale, Absentia was always meant to be only 3 seasons, and I couldn't think of a better note to end on," Stanic explained, "for any person on this planet, but especially for Emily and her loved ones."