Amazon optimizes Cloud Player for iPad, warns users of Kindle iOS update

Amazon has pushed out a couple of updates to its mobile apps today, one of which is a native, optimized version of Cloud Player on the iPad that comes with a new look and a new setting to adjust cache size. Furthermore, the company pushed out an update for the Kindle iOS app, but due to ebooks being deleted upon updating the app, Amazon is warning users not to update.

The Cloud Player app was released on iOS over the summer last year as an app optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch only, but Amazon has updated to app to version 2.0 today with native support for the iPad as well. The app now features an interface that is consistent with Amazon's other major iOS apps: Kindle and Amazon Instant Video.

As for the Kindle iOS app, Amazon updated it to version 3.6.1, but after hearing reports of randomly-deleted ebooks from users libraries upon updating, Amazon is warning users not to update, although the update is still available and hasn't yet been pulled. However, Amazon says they're currently working on a fix and should be releasing it soon.

Of course, this isn't the first time that this has happened with app updates. While it's not common for updates to cause major problems, it's a factor that developers think about each time they push out an update to its thousands and millions of users, so there's always bound to be some users who identify problems with an update, but a major issue like this seems to be a first for Amazon.