Amazon OLPC orders threatened over shipping delays

Delays in shipping have caused Amazon UK to begin informing OLPC buyers that their notebook orders may be cancelled.  Sales began back in November, after the OLPC partnered with Amazon to restart the Give 1, Get 1 project where buyers purchase two XO-1 notebooks, one for themselves and the other donated to a child in a developing country.  However, automated emails from Amazon citing delays in OLPC shipping the XO-1 have suggested that delivery delays in excess of 30 days will see the order cancelled.


It's unlikely that Amazon actually intend to cancel the orders; instead, the system is intended to protect Amazon Marketplace customers from sellers slow to send out their goods.  However if the whole cancellation process is just as automatic as the warning email, it could become a logistical headache for all involved.

Amazon UK themselves are not listing the OLPC XO-1 as available for shipping until January 3rd, 2009.  The laptop retails for $199 if a buyer merely wants to donate an XO-1, while $399 gets an XO-1 for both donation and for the purchaser.

[via Engadget]