Amazon offering free VoD "The Dark Knight" with DVD purchase

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If you have plans for purchasing The Dark Knight anytime soon, then you're probably going to want to purchase it through Amazon. Why, you may be wondering? Well, it seems if you buy the DVD or Blu-ray version of this film, you'll get a VOD version of it for free.

Once you purchase The Dark Knight, you'll be sent a promotion code to enter into Once your code is entered, you can watch the movie through the Amazon Video on Demand service for free. This is a service that normally costs $14.99.

Only U.S. residents can benefit from this offer and it expires on Christmas, December 25. You won't be able to watch the video online anymore after June of 2009, but you can download it before then to your PC or TiVo. Buying the DVD or Blu-ray version of the movie already provides you with a digital copy, but the VOD version is just another added bonus, since it's accessible from anywhere. Pretty cool!

[via Gadgetell]