Amazon offering 360Elite/HD DVD player bundle

If you're looking at getting yourself one of those fancy black box Xbox 360s and supporting the HD DVD camp, you might consider taking advantage of a new bundle deal over at Amazon.

Amazon has put together a pretty sweet bundle that gives you the Xbox 360 Elite, the HD DVD player accessory and seven HD DVD movies for less than you'd pay for just the Elite and HD DVD player. $30 less to be exact. While some of the movies you get aren't going to be the best, you'll get at least two good ones. Included in the offer are "King Kong" and "300."

To get the extra 5 movies you'll have to take advantage a different mail-in offer that we reported on before. Still, all of that for $599 isn't too bad of of deal if you're an HD DVD supporter.

Elite 360/HD-DVD Bundle On Amazon [via kotaku]