Amazon now allows two-factor authentication

When it comes to securing your financial data and personal information more security is better, or at least the option to use more security. PayPal has had two-factor authentication capability for a while now where you need a password and a special code sent to a mobile or even a portable key device. Amazon is probably the biggest hold out that hasn't offered two-factor authentication, until now.

Amazon is now allowing users to secure their accounts with two-factor authentication. As with any other two-factor authentication, you will need to know your password and have your phone with you to get into your account.

The feature went live in the last few weeks with little fanfare. Amazon users can enable two-factor authentication in the Advanced Security Settings area and once enabled you will get another code to login via text message or using Google Authenticator.

Two-factor authentication is a bit of a hassle, but considering that many Amazon users have credit card details and other personal information in their accounts having the option of using it is welcome. Once two-factor is enabled even if someone figures out your password, they still can't get into your account without having your phone. The downside is if you lose your phone or it goes dead you aren't doing any Amazon shopping.

SOURCE: Engadget