Amazon Music HD adds thousands of remastered tracks, including 3D Audio

Amazon has announced a new partnership with Warner Bros. that will add thousands of remastered music tracks to its Amazon Music HD service. Some of this music will be remastered to high fidelity for the first time ever, giving fans of bands like the Eagles and Nirvana the chance to experience classic hits in an entirely new way. The tracks will, according to Amazon, be remastered to Ultra High Definition, the currently highest audio quality available.

Digital streaming is the default way most people experience music now, and though physical media may remain popular among diehard audiophiles, it does have many limitations. A number of high-definition music streaming services have popped up to offer the best of both worlds — high-resolution quality tracks that can be easily accessed from a digital music player or smartphone.

Amazon Music HD is one of these services, and it's about to become much more appealing. The company has announced a partnership with Warner Bros. that will result in 'thousands' of songs being remastered to UHD quality for the first time. These tracks span a huge number of bands and artists from modern to classic, including Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Linkin Park, Elton John, Tom Petty, Jon Pardi, Shawn Mendes, Post Malone, and others.

Some of these tracks are also being remixed into 3D Audio formats for those who want to experience the content in a more immersive way. With these formats, users will experience the content in a binaural way, assuming they listen using a pair of headphones. These new tracks will be added to approximately 5 million existing UHD tracks (24-bit up to 192kHz) already available on Amazon Music HD.

In this case, Ultra HD refers to better-than-CD quality, though, of course, CD-quality itself is still quite good and beyond what many can access on ordinary streaming services. According to Amazon, its streaming service also features more than 60 million lossless CD quality (HD) tracks. It's unclear how many 3D Audio songs it also offers. The Amazon Music HD subscription is available at $7.99/month for new customers for three months, after which point it costs $12.99/month.