Amazon Music gets X-Ray feature with info about albums and artists

Amazon's X-Ray feature, the one on Prime Video and Kindle that makes it possible to get info about actors in the shows you're watching, among other things, is heading to the company's music service. The feature will work similarly to X-Ray for video, giving streamers access to information about the artist they're streaming and other relevant details.

If you've ever streamed a TV show or movie through Prime Video, you're likely familiar with X-Ray — it's the feature that shows you which actors are in the scene at that moment, plus related details if you're interested in learning more. The feature is also on Kindle.

Amazon is bringing the same tool to its Amazon Music streaming service, according to Engadget, which reports that users will get a 'behind the scenes look' at the song they're listening to, as well as its album, artist, song credits, and other related things.

It seems that popular songs from the US and UK will largely include 'fun facts' about the content, but the same trivia will take some time to expand to cover other songs. Amazon didn't reveal when it will release the Amazon Music X-Ray feature, but did share an image of the updated app that includes a small 'X-Ray' option at the bottom.

This is the latest expansion of Amazon's music streaming service, a platform that is expanding into podcasts amid similar moves from competitor Spotify. In one of its most recent updates, Amazon announced that its Music HD plan had added thousands of remastered songs, some of which are available in 3D Audio format.