Amazon MP3 adds Shazam charts to highlight up and coming tracks

Amazon has been selling digital music to shoppers for a while now. Amazon and Shazam have announced a new tie up this week that sees Amazon MP3 begin using Shazam charts. The purpose of the charts on the Amazon MP3 service is to help music fans find up and coming tracks and artists making music they might be interested in.

The charts will make it easier for Amazon MP3 buyers to purchase the most tagged songs on the network. The charts are currently only available in the US. The charts get their own web address and can be seen at

The charts can also be found in the Amazon MP3 store on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices. The Shazam database has over 45 million tracks. The company says that massive database receives more than 15 million tags per day while driving sales of over 500,000 items on a daily basis.

Shazam says that its charts are so accurate that they have become one of the best predictors for success of a track or artist in the industry. Shazam claims that the average time between a track reaching number 1 on its charts and the Top 10 Billboard is 43 days. Amazon MP3 shoppers who click on a song or artist on the Shazam chart will be able to buy individual tracks or the entire album.

SOURCE: Shazam