Amazon Made for You tool offers shirts custom-made for each user

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Amazon has launched a new service called 'Made for You' that enables users to purchase custom-made shirts in the style and colors they prefer. The service is offered through the company's mobile app, which is used to create a virtual model of your body to see exactly how the shirt will fit and whether you still like how it looks before buying.

Online clothes shopping remains problematic for the simple reason that it's impossible to tell how well a product will fit in most cases. Amazon may have a solution for this, and it involves a virtual model of the customer's body. To use it, however, you'll have to provide two images of yourself in addition to your measurements.

In addition to the mobile app, desktop users can access the customization tool directly on Amazon's website. Users are prompted to first choose the gender style for their shirt, after which point many customization options are available: color, length, neckline, sleeves, fit, and material, for example.

The selection options are straight-forward — you'll choose 'short,' for example, for a shorter T-shirt rather than entering a specific measurement. Users can also select the type of fit they want, such as slim, classic, and relaxed. Fabric comes in two options: lightweight tri-blend and medium-weight cotton.

You'll need to finish the customization in the app, however, namely uploading two photos of yourself. The shirts are priced at $25, are available with Prime shipping, and can be returned if necessary, according to Amazon. The company says that the shirts are made in the US.