Amazon looking to open retail store in Manhattan

A lot of talk has been circulating about Google taking a page from the Apple book and creating their own retail space. With so many products in their arsenal, it makes sense to have an actual retail space for fans to try and buy. Their pop-up shops last year were half a step, but it seems Amazon may be going all-in on retail, picking up where Google left off. Sources now say Amazon will have an actual brick-and-mortar store this year.

The shop is set to hit Manhattan's 34th street, and arrive in time for the holiday shopping rush. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, sources "familiar with the plans" weren't able to nail down an exact date or timeframe. The "holiday shopping rush" tends to start the day after Thanksgiving, though.

The store would not only house Amazon's products, but serve as a go-between for same-day deliveries in Manhattan. A limited inventory — likely of Amazon's better-selling products — is said to be housed there. Returns, exchanges, and pickups are also available.

It's not known how large the storefront would be, or to what end Amazon is looking to use it. It might be a conduit for customer service, or a proper Amazon store where they could show off Kindle tablets, their Fire Phone, and myriad of accessories.

We also don't know if this store is temporary, or long-term. If Amazon is leasing the space beyond Christmas, it's reasonable to believe they'll stay in Manhattan, and if successful, expand on this program.

Source: The Wall Street Journal