Amazon Lockers pulled from RadioShack and Staples following nixed partnerships

As we reported last year, Staples agreed to place Amazon Lockers in its stores as part of a partnership that would perhaps be as beneficial for the retail chain as its online competitor. RadioShack also formed a partnership with Amazon, likewise putting the lockers in its stores, but now Bloomberg is reporting that both have nixed the agreements.

The reasons for the change on Staples' part encompasses failure for the partnership to meet the expectation of the retailer, though in what ways was not elaborated on. Staples' President Demos Parneros said to Bloomberg, "[The partnership] didn't meet the criteria we set up together." This, perhaps, could mean that the retailer failed to see any increase in sales from Amazon customers who stopped in to pick up their packages.

RadioShacks' reasons appear different, with the retailer merely stating that the partnership with Amazon didn't "fit with its strategy," according to a statement made by company spokeswoman Merianne Roth. Among this is changes the company is making to get rid of clutter in stores and improve displays, hoping to boost sales.

The way Amazon Lockers work is fairly straight-forward — rather than having a package sent to one's home, apartment, or office, where it could be stolen or otherwise disturbed, one could have it shipped to a nearby locker for pickup. This is also beneficial for those traveling, allowing items to be picked up while away from home rather than left with a hotel. Amazon Lockers remain available at other locations.

Amazon has not commented on the changes.

SOURCE: Bloomberg