Amazon Locker Delivery System Expands To NYC

A while back, we talked about the first of the Amazon Locker cubbies for package deliveries that turned up inside stores like 7-Eleven in Seattle. They were interesting, but more than a little strange. The NYC package delivery system is now in place in NYC after the test in Seattle performed well. Right now Seattle and NYC are the only places where the Amazon Locker system is in place.

There are eight locker systems in each of the major cities. The idea is that the lockers could be used to deliver packages bought from Amazon rather than having them shipped to a person's residence or office, they can ship them to these lockers. I guess I could see the benefit if you were ordering a gift you didn't want someone else in the house to see.

The majority of shoppers on Amazon won't have access to the locker system at this point. If you do live in an area where you can access the lockers the option for shipping there rather than your home or office should be available at checkout. What do you think; does this make any sense as an option?

[via Electronista]