Amazon 'local services' may be launching later this year

It seems Amazon is looking to get involved with services, much like Yelp and some others do. A new program is reportedly being created, which will link us directly to services in our area, such as home repair. This may be the latest push for Amazon to reposition itself as a payment administrator as well as online marketplace.

This new service is likely to work right from Amazon's website, but a name is not yet known. Reuters reports it's set for release later this year, though a more specific timeframe was not offered up. Sources say Amazon has already begun the job of reaching out to contractors and other service professionals to gauge interest and forge partnerships.

Amazon is also rumored to be working on a scenario in which they let us use our Amazon account to pay for phone service. That's said to come with their new smartphone, likely to be released net week. Third-party sales, i.e. those goods not carried in amazon's warehouse, accounts for 40% of the company's revenue at this point.

It appears we've already beta tested this service, too. According to the report, when some users purchased a Nest Thermostat, they were offered to have it installed for them. The new service is likely to work similarly, and is reminiscent of Home Depot's Red Beacon program. That service lets you select what you need done, and about how big or small the job is. From there, you get to pick a contractor you feel is right for you.

The difference with Amazon is that you'd pay with your Amazon account, which you already have. This new feature is also said to reach beyond home repair, venturing into things like hair styling or massages. Amazon is also using the same vetting process as they do with third-party vendors, according to the report.

Source: Reuters